I could not find you

I saw you in a dream. In a long dream of bright orange colour. I could not find you. All the time you were somewhere ahead, all the time I saw you leaving. I passed lots of streets, dropped into absolutely unknown places being devoured byloneliness. I beggedeach and every of those whom I met on the way to tell me - where are you! Where did you go? People. They were so different andso indifferent. All the while they talked without surcease; I could hardly inhibit myself, little by little losing ground under my feet. "I will not be able to find," they wasted far too much of my time.
And I kept going, falling,going and falling again, tearing the knees, climbing the winding path overgrown with bushes, I still kept going. And finally, I wandered into some house, again and again asking the hosts where you are. And once again, still with no answer, I woke up. Then I have been recalling for a long time, trying not to miss anything and tokeep it in mind well and truly. I remember you - somewhere far away, at the very beginning of the path. You're sitting with someone, it is some strange obscure place, and you do not notice me, you do not notice that you go away, never thought toturn around, just like a random person on the street.
All this is deeply saddened, hurt me very much. And it seemed that I had nowhere to go, no aim to achieve, noting to dream of, all went out and faded away in the world. I stopped on a road strewn with the first snow, and looked up - it was falling so softly, wanderingto some inaudible strings, revealingin the mind and passing away. I took off the glove and put out myhand, feeling the tiny cold touches. I did not want anything, and felt some nervous painlocking my chest. I dropped on my knees, knowing already that the dark shadow of something terrible was near, it was watching me, waiting. And then it called and I followed. Through the night sky, falling on the groundwith snow, through memory, which passed through me with one single breath.