I thought about kilometers. Upside-down, tops of the trees, red windy sunsets, clouds and stars -  enormous space and me running like a fox between headlight of cars passing by. Silence again. There is nobody and nothing on the endless lonely highway, nor even birds’ songs and dogs’ barking. Nothing. You can’t even hear the footfall sound. You are wandering in the dark with a desire to close your eyes and dive headfirst. Asphalt is speckled by cracks and holes and it feels like going along unsteady and unpredictable life lines of another people.
I remember the person I saw today: I know about people I can never meet or even know about their existence and I still can’t get used to it. And yet we swapped several kind letters these days. And we looked at each other through the screen of monitor without thinking about complicated things.
And those people are so excellent; it’s a real pleasure to become a part of their life for that little moment. And you, you were among them. You were silent, you smoked and kept silence gazing the horizon absorbed by darkness and night haze. And I was still admiring you and couldn’t get enough of your face and body, your odor, your soul. I gathered everything you were for me and let it all fly away like a white bird.
The day was breaking. It was time to drive away night thoughts and let the day thoughts in. But the spirits of the night had been haunting me for a long time, gazing and hiding, waiting to overcome.