Now and forever

We were leaving the house going outside and snow was covering us. We walked towards the forest, but having no interest, we just wanted to escape from the cars and tall buildings which bound us together. We were looking at each other and kept silent. Huge century-old plant roots were twisting the surrounding landscape.

When I climbed high up the tree, and I had no one to take me off from there, I saw a large crow sitting at the top next to me. The crow asked, "Why I got so high? Can it be true that I can fly like she does?" I replied that I was just afraid to go down. The crow said that I was probably a very good flyer, and that I should try to take off. But I knew that she deceives me and wants me to fall. "No, crow, I'm not the cheese stolen by you!" Then I worked up the courage and climbed down getting off from that tree. When I looked up I saw that there was already no crow. It was damp and overcast; I wanted nothing and felt very scary. How did I manage to climb down from there? I do not understand. I guess someone helped me, someone told me which branches to choose.

This film – it is somehow calm and balanced - I keep watching it for a long time, every day, leaving the house and going under cloudy caps of snow, every hour, looking into the empty window or full vehicle glass. It is always so peacefully when you feel His care for you, for all people living with you. It is care for those who are not here now, and those who gave their lives to Him. And this silent presence is found in each snowflake, each drop of water in every face and in the reflection of the sky under our feet. In whatever you do, everything is done for you; everything will be yours, now and forever!