The immense subconscious was showing us small fragments, shatters of what is inside. I noticed some passages being unknown to me. This is not unique, but a rare connection with reality, or perhaps with illusions. As bygone prophets, who saw their visions in a dream, I shall look back and see another world – it comes out and immerses into oblivionall over again. Sometimesalong with us. But sometimes, we can look at it with crystalpurity ofour mind and find ... her, them, and perhaps one's own self. To see the city of dreams, to speak about people and their deeds never done, as they never existed, wherein we felt so good together.
I got the impression that the world, with all its mysteries, can be seen only by rising up above it. Being burdened with physical shell - we cannot take off and come back. And even if we have learned, would we be able to understand? No. Rather lose oneself in a digression. Endless labyrinths of emptiness with imaginarysun and stars, lost corners of space, where we pretend to be individualsdestroyed by loneliness. We walk lost, without purpose, forgetting about what was and might be.
I do not believe in the isolated subconscious. Because I have not seen a single invisible corner of space. Even in my dreams I’m visited by those I have never heard of. But those who are spiritualized and existing. Their actions are not relevant to me, but the vitality is perceivable, is apparent. We are not alone.