They were satisfied and bored

Something was heard in the distance. I could not breathe, could not move. I was pierced with a strong electrical discharge. Empty space approached so close to me that I could not think of anything, but that I am nobody, nothing, for no one. And do not exist. There is no love in me, no life.
How long have I heard "this" –I do not know, but "this" - was over.

I got the impression that I can refresh memory about the scream, yes, it could have been a scream. I was hailed by someone, somewhere in there - from a distance. But I could not remember him. And the whole world having passed before my eyes was only an illusion, a half-forgotten figment of my imagination.

Then I thought about those people who have deceived me, because of whom I was here. They were satisfied and bored, they were not aware of gloomy nights, in the rain. They used to live forever, and even when there was nothing, there wasnoland, they were still heavily inhabiting thisspacegap. Constantlyand always there were lots of them. But we wanted to build here somethingof our own, something for us. One small land. To seize this little rood. And for such a long time they did not allowed doing so, they did not want to give something just like that, even when this "something" was not necessary and certainly did not belong to them.
Howunceremoniously theycheated, they felt like the gods after that, felt "satisfaction" momentary. And for what a short while they were destined to stay on here. But this knowledge did not make them feel uncomfortable while sitting in this armchair. Only we had known of their outcome, not they. Only we knew the consequences of their lies, constant and methodical. We ate it, and what could we choose but this. We have been poisoned by it. We were not good. And those dreams - they were always with us, we were inseparable from those who have left us. Neverthelesswe will not abandon them, we will never do.