Not a single man

A good while agoI used to go to countryside, in my memory - theseare always vivid flashbacks – these years of 80’s - early 90's. Something was happening there, in the places having become neglecte donwards. There were people, many young people, and a lot of interesting things, just without that intensity inherent in the city. Only later the time has changed.

Once, being in the village, I revealed something always catching the eye of the rare visitor, whotherefore sees more clearly the changes. I remember sitting in a cool house, hiding from the summer heat and often glancing out the window onto the street. I was reading, thumbing through some magazines, which I managed to get - then I caught myself thinking that I have not seen a single person for a few hours, that was unusual. I was tired of sitting there; I went out and climbed the hill to eat currants. Again I was walking for a few consecutive hours without seeing anybody. It was a hot spell;I saw houses and no man around. Later I was told that almost the whole village had gone abroad to work. But who was therefrom the outset? To tell the truth there were not a lot of people ... but later the movements completely disappeared. It's awful. When there are no people around.

It's so strange –I keep seeing the dream of this house. The only thing is that I place there completely different and another people, from the new life,more aliento it.